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Once upon a time in Tokyo, a boy named Kennedy was born to a Japanese businessman and a Mississippi redhead. He was raised    with a deep love of music, and spent every waking moment absorbing it or creating his own. Eventually he moved to the U.S. and discovered the wonders of Top 40, backyards, and avocado in sushi. Today, Kennedy is a New York City-based performer, where he continues to fulfill his passion of creating meaningful art across its many forms.


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This summer, Kennedy will be making his Broadway debut as Milky White in "Into the Woods" at the St. James!


This June, Kennedy will play the role of Calvin in the developmental production of  the "Eastbound" at the Village Theater in Washington.


In May, Kennedy will play the role of Milky White in Encores! production of "Into the Woods" at New York City Center.

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